Benefits for Partners

2020 Exhibitor & Sponsor Opportunities

Gain EXPOSURE to the influential & diverse Experiential Community


Connect with the
Experiential Community

The AEE Virtual Conference reach more attendees than ever before, as folks from around the world can attend without the risk and cost of travel. Attendees can jump in or out of the Connection Expo, watch live or recorded sessions, and explore exhibitor/sponsor booths at any time during or after the conference (until 2021!)

Engage with

Attendees can explore the Connection Expo, interact with your customized booth, and contact you for more information or one-on-one meetings 24/7 during and after the conference (until 2021!). You can host a live video session or workshop, post recorded videos or advertise your products, and more!

Low Risk
High Reward

The AEE Virtual Conference is a fraction of the cost of traditional conferences, making it a low risk, high reward promotional opportunity.  Because the show is virtual, there is no need to spend money on travel, time away from the office, or expensive booths. 

On Demand
24 X 7

The AEE Virtual Conference will be both live and recorded for extended access until 2021, thus extending the value of the event for our partners. Content and events inside the virtual booth available 24X7 to attendees. Attendees will be able to interact in your booth even after the live conference!

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*THE REGISTRATION CUTOFF DATE FOR EXHIBITORS WAS OCTOBER 31. If you would like to discuss partnership options, please email

Who attends the AEE International Conferences?

At the 2018 AEE+GYA Conference, there were 672 attendees from 39 Countries. 

Below is a chart showing the breakdown of the 2018 attendee list by Role:

Program Coordinator / Facilitator16%
CEO / Executive Director / Founder16%
Program Director 13%
Adventure Therapist/ Clinical Therapist12%
Graduate / PhD Student12%
Assistant Director / Manager10%
Professor / Lecturer8%
Teacher / Learning Specialist7%
Other Roles6%