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We provide the opportunity for those who wish to present information on research, programs, and ideas to do so in the form of a virtual poster presentation. Here, you can view the 2020 posters, request more information, and contact the presenters. The posters are viewable 24/7, and we also encourage you to explore the presentations and join presenters for live chats on Thursday, Nov 12 from 6:45-8:00. 

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Akane Otomo
Tittle: The Process of Acquiring Consensus Building Skills for Children with Developmental Disabilities in the Adventure Camps
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Alice Morgan
Finding Adventure: Identifying Factors of Outdoor Towns
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Anticipating the challenges of the future; the real world in higher-ed
Anticipating the challenges of the future; bringing the real world to higher-ed through Experiential Education at La Universidad de La Sabana
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Before, During and After the Experience
Before, during and after the experience: A three-wave study on educational context and adolescent identity development
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Billy Osteen
Tragedy’s Legacy: Designing and Researching an Experiential Education Response to the Christchurch Earthquakes
Carol A Smith
Study abroad in New Zealand – Let’s go! … Wait, I need to do what?
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Climbing Toward Self-Actualization: Bradford Woods Climbing Club
It’s true now more than ever that children have a high need for community-based therapeutic interventions. With the excess number of children experiencing ACE’s, coupled with the lack of access to mental health services, it is unacceptable for our communities to rely solely on traditional therapy services to treat our children. To address the significant issues children in central Indiana are experiencing, Bradford Woods created a Climbing Club ...
Dr. Miriam Roth Douglas; The Community Education Program (CEP)
The Community Education Program (CEP): A Progressive and Innovative Approach to Experiential Education in Higher Education This poster presentation introduces the Community Education Program (CEP), a progressive and innovative approach to experiential education in Higher Education. This Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in CEP consists of three main parts: 1. General Studies, as required by every institution, 2. CEP specific Core Courses, designed with a focus on ...
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Joining forces in experiential learning: A Sport Management approach.
The implementation of service-learning in a Sport Management curriculum has proven effective in enhancing student engagement. For instance, Bennett, Henson, and Drane (2003) found that service-learning experiences actively engaged the students as opposed to more passive observational experiences. Similarly, Overton and Malinauskas (2008) and Jackowski and Gullion (2012) found much higher student engagement when service-learning activities ...
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Kimberly Reid
Mold in the Gear Room: Tackling the Midwest’s wettest year on record
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Sara Gartland
Exploring Student Perceptions of Community-Based Critical Service-Learning
Tarkington J. Newman
The Intentional Practices of Adventure Therapy Facilitators Symposium for Experiential Education Research Tarkington J. Newman, PhD, MSW, MS Benjamin Jefka, MSW-MS student Nicolas Brennan, MSW-MS student Kendra Bostick, PhD student Anita Tucker, PhD, LCSW Tony Alvarez, LMSW The Experiential Nature of Coach Education within Positive Youth Development: Implications for Practice and Research Association for Experiential ...
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The Cleveland Outpost
The Cleveland Outpost: A Used Gear Exchange Model
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